Review – Senna Cosmetics ~ Cream Lipstick in Midas

This creamy cushion lipstick formula is velvety smooth, hydrating and comfortable with maximum color impact and long lasting wear. Hyaluronic Acid filling spheres, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil hydrate and condition.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. With a name like Midas it has got to be good and dripping in GOLD.. This is a lush cream lipstick.. I goes on super smooth, feels oooo so light and stays on for a good amount of time.. This is a great summer gold color, it is sheer so it works well along or to layer over.. I think it provides the perfect foundation for a gloss of shiny balm.. It is FINE to wear alone but in today’s age of SO many choices I am a mixer and have always been.. I glide over my naked lip, only a couple of swipes and the sheer gold is there, PERFECT with a tan, self-tanner or just some bronzer, it perks up my look and is “like” I am on vacation so I have that casual free look going on, even though I am probably stressed beyond belief..

There is no scent or flavor so PLUS on that, I like unscented and no added flavor.. It stays on and doesn’t feather or wear away, it is SUPER hot here so I need SYAY-A-BILITY and I get it with Midas.. I does fade after eating and especially oil based salad dressing or greasy food so I just touch up.. I do like to add some extra shine to my perfect lip is Midas, mixed with a taupe, mauvish nude pink, it brings it to the next level.. It’s my fav.. Wearing alone Midas totally tints my lips turning it into a luscious golden tone – the sun twinkles off my lips and it is dazzling.. I love it, there is NO drying or peeling of the lips while wearing or after.. This is a creamy blend that is NOURISHING


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