Review – Senna Cosmetics ~ Powder Point Brush

Powder Point 33 Brush avail from Senna Cosmetics for $38.00

Luxe full, soft tip brush sweeps face powders and bronzers smoothly over the face, reaching every spot. Natural hair. Made in China.

Miss Style Apothecary… I just reviewed Senna’s bronzer and I have been applying with this brush.. The bristles are so soft that they feel like they not only swipe over my skin but kiss it too.. The swipes are so light and soft but truly caress my face making for the lightest application. I pick up a little bronzer, swipe over the apples of my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and am ready to go.. This brush really pushes the bronzer into my skin, so the bronzer isn’t sitting on my skin but one with my skin, I know this is going to read strange but I HATE when I see people from the side profile and their skin almost looks like they have dust over their face, I think it is a sign of a crummy brush that doesn’t do it’s job.. Senna’s brushes do exactly what they are intended to.. I get a natural look and the brush doesn’t pick up too much product, I can add more if I need to but the bristles naturally go light..

I have a spray brush cleanser.. I spray dry, smoosh around with my fingertips then rinse.. I can see all the bronzer wash away, I don’t notice any lost bristles, this brush is put together the right way and made to last.. I opted to wash a couple of weeks after use – I also did a light wash before I even applied to my face.. I literally just lightly spritzed the bristles then rinsed.. Quick, easy and ready to use.. I love this brush and will use with blush, bronzer, powder, illuminating powder, doesn’t matter what…


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