New Product Alert – Bath Junkie Fortune Cookie Soaps

New Product Alert – Bath Junkie Fortune Cookie Soaps

fortune cookie soap  

  • skin type: all
  • base made from renewable vegetable origins
  • moisturizing
  • high quality bath junkie fragrance oils
  • no fillers, detergents or preservatives added
  • long lasting when hanging in the shower
  • no animal products & no animal testing
  • offered in: fig & rain; honeysuckle & lemon balm; pink sugar; pomegranate; rain; spring fling; bath junkie for women; blueberry; sage; strawberry.         $15/6      They are available @ Bath Junkie  or call 888-883-3183

    These fabulous little soaps in the shape of  ‘Fortune Cookies’ are featured in the May Issue of  Family Circle and they are positively delightful looking.  You can personalize the message in the cookies — then the soaps come in a Chinese Takeout Container with a set of chopsticks.  These sound like a novel gift idea worth researching.

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