Beauty Brand Spotlight ~ Q&A from Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra of Ratio Skincare!

We were so excited to have the opportunity to trial the Ratio skincare line!   As you can see from our REVIEWS, we love it!   When we first posted our Beauty Blast about the line, we received alot of inquiries from you regarding the products.   Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra were great about getting to as many of our questions as they could!   Please check out the Ratio skincare website for more info!  THANKS AGAIN to the Ratio team for letting all of us at S.A. get in on Ratio!


1.  Who is the ratio system specifically designed for?

– Ratio was  designed for all skin types and ages, specifically for those seeking both a natural and enhanced antioxidant approach to maintaining the vitality of their skin. The line does it all, Ratio renews skin by hydrating, protecting, toning and exfoliating.

 2.  What is your philosophy on skincare and does the environment and diet play a crucial role in our skin health?

– Skincare needs to be something that is easy to use and protective. It should be part of your regular everyday routine, like brushing your teeth.  For optimal results a balanced diet combined with exercise is a must.

 3.  How do we achieve maximum results by using Ratio?

– Ratio should be used every day. Once in the am and once at night. Real results will be seen in as little as 2 months.

 4.  What did you see that was missing in skincare products that inspired you to create the line?

– There were no lines that combined eastern medicine with western medicine. Most lines had one or the other, ours blends both and the ingredients act synergistically to provide an even more potent blend.

 5.  Would you recommend Ratio for our male readers?

– Ratio is a great for males, especially after shaving when the skin is newly exfoliated.

6.  What do you think about ingredients such as bee venom, snake venom, and stem cells in skincare? 

– There are a lot of things coming out in the skincare market, people should be cautious about large promises of what things can do. Generally big promises come with little results. I would say stick to the things we know that works.

 7.  What are some tips for sexy summer skin?

– Get yourself on an exercise routine, a balanced diet, a good skincare line and use sun block at all times. I do believe however everyone should get some sun for a limited amount of time each week unprotected to give yourself a little glow and for increased vitamin D production.



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