Review – Rimmel ~ Glam Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette

Rimmel Glam’ Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette, Green Park $5.68 by Rimmel at

Soft silky formula for smooth saturated colour. Long-wear, crease-resistant Quad eyeshadow Glam’Eyes and gorgeous – now’s the time to start having fun with your eyes. Rimmel have made eyeshadow more exciting with their powerful silken powder formula that glides onto eyes smoothly and blends effortlessly. Your perfect shade will last as long as you can, neither creasing nor fading, making it the perfect long-wear eyeshadow. Made in China

Makeup Addict cannot believe my luck – I actually got the perfect eye shadow for my hazel eyes.  I have been using a Plum shadow for a while and I love it but I also want to change the look every so often.  Well, Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad Eye Shadow Palette in Green Park, as show above which is incredibly true to the colors I got and happens to work wonders for my eyes.  Rimmel includes a diagram of the shadow on the back with each color numbered from 1 through 4. Then she have a drawing of an eye with each shadow were it belongs.  The eyes have the corresponding numbers to the shadow so you know exactly where to apply each shade.  I found the Rimmel Glam Eyes Shadow Palette in Green Park to be have one of the most flattering color palettes ever – for Hazel eyes.  I would add that I think the Green Park would look incredible on brown eyes.  Actually, I did apply the shadows exactly as shown in the diagram and it really made my eyes pop.  The color stayed true for the duration – it did not spread out or jump into lines/wrinkles.  It remained where it belonged.  I did freshen up and went a little heavier with the colors when I was getting ready for an evening out. The complements that my eyes drew told me I had the RIGHT colors and shades for my eyes.  Then on another day I put one of the colors where I wanted to try it out – rather than following the diagram.  It actually looked very nice and vibrant.  I love to try different colors and applications of eye shadows so I have been playing around with these very rich colors and none of my combinations failed.  They all looked wonderful.  I want to mention that the price of $5.68 is really quite a deal — just check the prices of eye shadows.  In addition – you get rich vibrant colors for the price.  If you think Green Park would not look good on you — check out the other quads from Rimmel.  You won’t be sorry.


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