Review ~ Ratio Skin Care System (by Dr. Andrew Ordon and Ritu Chopra)

The golden ratio is an organic constant found in nature. It is visible in the perfect lines of a nautilus shell. The human body is the most beautiful example of the mathematical proportions defined by this and a glance at the palm of your hand will provide proof. Great works of genius, such as the Mona Lisa or the Taj Mahal, could not have been created without an understanding of this calculated symmetry.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, co-host of the Emmy-award winning show, “The Doctors,” and his partner Dr. Ritu Chopra, have taken inspiration from this golden ratio to create a revolutionary blend of eastern and western ingredients for the ultimate balance in anti-aging skincare products.

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Stay tuned for a Q&A from the doctors – they’ll be answering some of our questions and yours regarding the line, skincare in general, and what’s on the horizon for Ratio…

METSV (45-50 age bracket) says:  We were so excited to trial this line.  I am an avid fan of The Doctors and when I learned that Dr. Ordon was collaborating with Dr. Chopra on a skincare line I knew it had to be something special.  A bit about me:  As you can see, I’m in the 45-50 year age bracket…a very interesting time in life when all sorts of changes happen with the skin.   Unfortunately, not many of those changes are positive.  There’s a lack of elasticity, a lack of glow,and lack of firmness…and there are some days that I look in the mirror and just sigh and say “now, when did THAT wrinkle get there?”   After using this skincare system for a solid month, I can honestly say that something positive is happening.   From the cleanser to the eycream the Ratio range has been improving the look of my skin in both clarity, evenness of tone, and the look of fine lines around my eyes and forehead.  I even feel like my jawline is firmer.  I’m a little unconventional in my use of the products – but that’s part of what makes them so good; you can use them how you see fit in your skincare regimen.   I use the cleanser at night – it’s very effective at removing all the day’s makeup, dirt, etc and leaves my face glowing and CLEAN.   I apply a drop of serum on my “trouble areas” (i.e. forehead “elevens” and around my eyes) then I apply the Renerating Skin Hydrator – yes, I do this at night… I find that my skin looks so much better in the morning with this process!   But I only use the smallest amount as the Hydrator is also my daily moisturizer….so if the good doctors come up with a night cream, I will be all over it!  The eye serum/cream has a lovely consistency and, like the moisturizer and serum, blends in instantly leaving no trace of greasy film – my eyes just look refreshed and awake.  I have had no averse reaction to any of these products.  I am usually one who has to spot test and I didn’t even do that!  I think the best example to describe what Ratio has done to my skin was recently evidenced by a Facebook picture of me that was recently posted.  My daughter had taken a pic of me and my husband and usually I am skeptical of me in pictures, but when she showed it to me on her Iphone, I surprisingly didn’t think I looked too bad and let her post it!  I got some wonderful compliments, but the best ones were “you haven’t changed”, “you look timeless”, “you never age” – I am being 100% honest – those were real comments by some people – I can’t tell you how good that made me feel to know that something is working.   A month into the products, I still have plenty left so you really are getting a quality line that requires very little to do the job.   Again, thank you to the doctors and Liz at Ratio for being terrific to work with.    Highly recommend this line.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I have been using the Ratio system for over a month, you can check out the individual reviews HERE... I love using systems, you get everything you need and they are designed to all work in synergy so there is never any thoughts that one product won’t work with another.. If you use skincare on the daily then you know mixing and matching can be tricky, you end up with pilling, one flat out doesn’t like another and I end up needing to start all over.. I found this system was gentle enough to jump right into using.. My skin really feels amazing since use and I am going to be pretty sad when all of my products are empty… I started off with the cleanser, it is a no nonsense cleansing powerhouse, doesn’t strip or dry out my skin, also right now I am a little oily so this has been a perfect balance for my face.. I use alone and with my Clarsonic.. It doesn’t have any of the floral or fruity scents it is pretty much scent free.. I would follow up with the eye serum, face serum then the moisturizer..

Since using my face is CLEAR and looks SUMMER ready, I am so thankful that I was able to use right before the summer kicked off, I want to make sure that my skin looks clear because this is when I start using sunless tanner so clean, hydrated skin is important.. So, as I mentioned I am a month in, the little lines around my eyes and mouth seems to be easing and I feel like I look more contoured and youthful, this is SO worth getting the system rather than individuals and go for the gusto and try them all at once.. It is clear that these products have been well thought out and are appealing to all ages and cultures. I notice so much less oil and dirt when using my toner, I am really getting super clean skin along. I really just feel like my complexion is brighter, clearer and over all just looks healthy & glowing, PERFECTION in 4 products… So much fun to use and to grateful to Ratio for allowing us to bring to all of YOU!! 🙂

Makeup Addict just has to add — just take a peek at my Ratio Reviews — (I did them separately) I have found a true gem in their line and, judging by the other reviews we have  really hit ‘Cosmetic Gold’ here.  Ratio Skin Care is definitely one of our favorite lines — keep up the Excellent Work!!  — Make it and we will buy.

AJ says:  As a personal trainer I am very conscious of not only what in I put in my body but what I put on my face and body!  I am really liking how gentle Ratio is to my skin which can get super irritated with a lot of other products.   I have been using Ratio skin care for a few weeks and I have to say iIalready see a difference  My skin feels and looks great! The products are the perfect blend – they moisturize my skin without leaving it feeling oily. It makes my face and skin feel refreshed! My skin appears to be more youthful looking, even
after a poor nights sleep. I enjoy the fact that it looks tighter, especially around my eyes where I tend to have bags and starting to see crows feet.  I feel like I’m really taking care of my skin with Ratio – and even at 25 years old, it’s never to early to be using the best products that I can so that my skin stays youthful for a long time.  I’m thinking Ratio will help me achieve that goal!

Cindy says:  (50-55) I entered a raffle at my gym to win a whole package of Ratio skin products. I was very interested because I had just seen the products introduced on The Doctors TV show. Never thinking, that out of 500 plus women in the gym, I would be the lucky winner. And I didn’t know just how lucky it would turn out to be! I have been using the products for just over 3 weeks, and the only regret I have is that I did not take “before” pictures. I can already see improvements with the fine lines around my eyes. I have very dry and sensitive skin, and am hesitant to try different products because often times I end up with some sort of reaction, that was not the case with the Ratio products. I love the Ratio Regenerating Skin Hydrator, it really absorbs and hydrates my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. I like that it has skin tightening properties, and use it on my neck for that reason as well. The face wash is great too, I use that daily and really feels like it refreshes without being drying like so many other washes. It’s great too that there is barely a scent to the creams and the wash just has a “clean” fragrance, nothing florally. I would definitely recommend these products and need to find out where I can buy them! Overall, it was a win-win for me!



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