Review – Plasma 27 ~ Bio-Lifting Cell Restoring Mask

Plasma 27 Bio-lifting Cell Restoring Mask  $105.00 at DERMSTORE

The skin regularly needs intensive regenerating care, a booster to rebalance and revive cell functions. Plasma 27 is a regenerating and restructuring “treatment care” that stimulates and highlights the complexion, lifts and firms the features.
Plasma 27 is a unique 20ml pre-impregnated mask with a serum type formula. The results are visible immediately after application
    • Skin is instantly toned, glowing and more radiant,
    • Relaxes the features and provides the face with a “new skin” effect,
    • Skin is effectively moisturized
    • Stressed and sensitized skins are soothed and relieved

Miss Style Apothecary says.. Tonight I used my last mask.. I am so upset, I love these! They feel amazing and are perfect company for magazines or some guilt pleasure reality TV.. I have used them once a week and this is my forth week.. I apply to clean skin, I like to use a peel or scrub before using these, I find that they are so soothing that when my skin is flared up a bit from exfoliating or exfoliation they feel the best..

They are each individually wrapped so they are EASY to use, I tear one open and carefully remove, it is folder in quarters so once removed, unfold gently and apply to the face. I put my doo in a headband so no hair is lose to get in the way.. The mask is drenched in serum.. It initially feels cold and is totally refreshing on my skin.. It is very easy to work with and contour to my face, I work it from the forehead down so that I can see. I leave on for a good 15 minutes till the mask starts to dry.. I like to let all of the serum absorb into my skin. The mask really allows for ample hydration..

I compare using Plasma 27’s Bio-lifting cell restoring mask to a spa treatment, it is that RELAXING and feels so good, I just want to sit back and close my eyes..I do, I just totally chill and do nothing, my brain zones and it is almost like meditating.. When I remove I rub in any of the remaining serum and immediately look in a mirror.. The first noticeable difference is the plumpness of my face, it is glowing and hydrated.. I love the result. My skin is instantly glowing and looks so refreshed and rejuvenated.

If you have an event coming up like prom, a wedding, anything where you are going to be on camera then is mask is a must.. As I mentioned this is my 4th treatment and with each use I feel like my skin looks better.. I have been working our like a fiend and sometimes my skin gets ruddy, all the sweating, NOT anymore this mask is my savior it replenishes and restores everything that was depleted..

This is such a gem!! The serum on the mask is scented it is light, very much like a moisturizer, not floral or citrus like, just a creamy light scent- it does linger while the mask is on but one I remove and rub in the remaining serum it is gone.. It is like a little plumper in 15 minutes, I would totally use the morning before an event or a date! The effects are lasting too so for a few days after my skin looks vibrant and fresh and a few people have commented on my skins condition that it looks glowy so the proof is there – when someone notices you KNOW it’s a good thing.. Must have for bringing my skin to the next level.. Such a comfortable, relaxing at-home treatment..

 I know I look scary but I wanted to show how nicely the mask contours to the face and stays put so I was able to run around the house and do whatever needed to be done.

Makeup Addict thinks that you don’t really look any scarier than usual — haha — only kidding.  Personally – no one will see me with the mask on – although I might actually look better than usual with it on.  Seriously – $105.00 for Plasma 27 Bio-lifting Cell Restoring Masks–  I figured I better see some dramatic improvements.  Well, guess what — I did.  I started by applying the mask — very simple — and as Denise mentioned – it does conform to your facial contours so that you are able to walk around and get other things done while it works on you.  I found the fragrance to be very clean and fresh. . . pleasant.  I waited as long as I could before removing the mask as I wanted to get the most from it. I would guess I removed it after 20 minutes or so.  First I should say that my face really enjoyed this mask — it feels so refreshing while handling its tasks.  There were some traces of the mask’s ingredients remaining on my face when I removed the mask, itself.  I just massaged them in — I don’t want to waste any benefits!!  They say you see immediate improvements — they are not exaggerating!  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Of course, my skin was hydrated wonderfully.  That, in turn, plumps out your skin making lines and wrinkles much less obvious.  My skin took on such a healthy appearance and any traces of red or problem areas were no longer visible.  Everything felt so soothed and silky smooth – while there was added firmness to a few problem areas.  I need to point out that my skin looked so much more vibrant and it is glowing.  I prayed that these improvements would remain for a while and they actually did continue for a few more days.  People mentioned that I appeared more rested and relaxed – so they saw the differences but could not really put a finger on them — probably because they are so numerous.  I whole-heartedly recommend Plasma 27 Bio-lifting Cell Restoring Masks, especially for any special occcassions.  You should use them anytime you are feeling down — the improvements will pick you up.  These work so well that I really have to investigate some of Plasma 27’s other products!!!!!

METSV says:  I’m dying that Denise posted her picture with the Plasma 27 mask on.  Trust me, she’s gorgeous in real life and her skin is just as beautiful!   This mask is awesome.   I am talking serious firming and lifting and instant hydration.   Like my co-editors above, I applied this to a clean face and then went about my business – for me, this meant checking emails.  I completely forgot I had the mask on and so it was a good 25 minutes or so before I removed it.    To note, my husband had come upstairs to ask me a question and my back was to him…when I turned around to answer him I think the shock of the mask nearly did him in… I of course laughed hysterically…but I digress…  I can’t tell you how nice my skin felt after using this and it continues to feel good even a few days after.   This mask does what it says it will do.  It’s perfect to use right before a night out, a special event, or when you just want to give your skin an extra boost of glow and health.  One of the best masks I’ve used.


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