Review – Christophe Robin ~ Cleansing Mask with Lemon

Christophe Robin     34,90 € at Sephora

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Cleansing care – colored, highlighted or sensitive hair

To me and all my most demanding clients, the cleansing cream with lemon is the “Rolls Royce” of shampoos for colored hair.
This non-detergent shampoo for color-treated hair fixes the color, adds gloss and restores what the hair lost during the chemical dyeing process, all while soothing and nourishing the scalp. The cleansing cream with lemon works as a slight scrub thanks to the lemon zest extracts that it contains and which cleans the hair and the scalp once applied. The lemon zest extracts, camomile and St. John’s wort extracts prevent the leak of artificial pigments in coloring, and rebalance the pH of the hair, made alkaline during the coloring process. The color remains dense and vivid. The hair becomes soft and silky once again. The scalp is soothed. This extremely nourishing treatment offers the gentlest possible wash for your colored hair.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I have to admit that I watched Christophe’s video before I used and I am glad that I did. It made complete sense and if I hadn’t watched I think I would have been wondering WHY this wasn’t frothing up like a regular shampoo.. Well, it is CLEAR that this isn’t a shampoo, it is VERY different than any other product I have used..

First off, it’s an opaque white with an opalescent to it, so it looks really good.. I scooped some out of the jar and applied to my wet hair and worked in, I then added a little water and worked in as Christiphe directs.. It doesn’t get sudsy but there is a little bit of bubbly action, not much… I give it a couple of minutes in my hair then rinse, it rinses like I just conditioned it, it is super smooth and tangle free. It feels silky smooth in the water.. I am following up with Christophe’s Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil, review to follow..

Now, when I am drying my hair this is when I really notice the difference/change in my locks, I am telling you, you will HONESTLY see a difference after the first use.. My hair just looks more vibrant and healthy, less breakage and silky.. I want to share the condition of my hair too, my hair is shoulder length, color treated, blown dry, straightened and I have been VERY bad at getting it cut regularly so it is in HORRIBLE shape, split ends and breaking close to the root… So, thank goodness Christophe Robin came into my life, his line is SERIOUSLY a life changed and the products are amazing he has gone to GREAT lengths to formulate products for very choosy customers and I am simply in awe of the 2 that I am using..

The Cleansing Mask with Lemon has a lovely light scent, it isn’t sweet lemon but a lightly tart lemon scent, it is fresh and clean to my nose. The texture of the cleansing mask is loose so you must watch what you are going when applying, stay away from the shower stream so you don’t accidentally wash some away, once in my hair it feels like a very light conditioner, it coats and smoothes my hair, no matter what I put into my scrubbing it is utterly impossible to tangle it up, it just falls loose and rinses super clean and smooth..

Now I have had this in my arsenal for 2 weeks I started off using everyday I washed but found that I don’t need  use with every wash because  the effects of the cleansing mask last so I can skip a wash and use a shampoo and go back to the mask the next time I am washing.. My hair is super clean, free from any build up and light, not weighed down, I don’t really EVER want to use a shampoo but being in the field I am, I know I will BUT this is going to be a staple no matter what..

Styling has been a breeze, I have noticed that my  hair color – my hair is colored a deep rich reddish brown, darker than auburn but not wine, so you can imagine what maintenance is like, it is ALWAYS washing out, I see the blood bath every time I am in the shower and from the first use of Christophe’s mask I seriously noticed about a 75% decrease in the amount of color I saw rinsing away.. I still see the water run pinkish but that really proves how no detergent works in my hair.. Now when I am styling that is when I see the tonal difference in my color, it is luscious, shiny, healthy and feels repaired, the ends that felt ragged and full of splits are sitting smooth and I don’t see the splits either, this has changed my hair in the short time I have been using.. If you are suffering from damage, dull, unhealthy, I encourage you to look into Christophe’s line, YES, it is expensive but for this transformation i wll pay the price, by using his products this will cut down on the salon visits because my hair is SO much healthier.. it just looks and feels like I had a salon treatment


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