Nutriblast your way to health with the Nutribullet!

Click here to get to the “official” Nutribullet website

METSV says:  I’ve had the Magic Bullet for a bunch of years and loved it for ordinary smoothies…but I’ve had the Nutribullet since January and I gotta say, this thing ROCKS!   You can chop, dice, pulverize your way to good health and I swear my skin has looked a gazillion times better since getting on board the green smoothie bandwagon.  This Nutribullet blasts through kale, spinach, frozen fruit, bananas, apples, nuts, chia seeds, avocado.. you name it… and you get the most DELISH smooth textured smoothie.  I HAVE to have these every morning and they completely keep me satisfied until lunch.    I know I link to the official website but you can get these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (wait for the 20% off coupon) Kohls (use a 30% online coupon) and Target just to name a few sites.    In full disclosure, this is my second one.  The first one, purchased at Target, died on me (seems to be the top complaint) in a short amount of time.  When I returned it for another they were out of them, so I got one at Kohl’s and it has run like a top.  I have had no issues so I think the Nutribullet people heard the outcry from its customers and fixed whatever was wrong.   I would suggest you get it a local retailer rather than the website b/c it’s tougher to get customer satisfaction from the manufacturer, or so I’ve read.  All I know is that I love this thing…takes up very little real estate on my counter, super easy to clean, and you can make a ton of stuff in it.  They give you a pretty good sized recipe booklet and you can make everything from smoothies to guacamole…. As you can tell… I’m a fan!


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