Review – Sebastian Signs ~ Purusa Naturals Petalum Natural Perfume Gel

Purusa® Naturals Petalum Natural Perfume Gel  $125.00 @ Sebastian Signs

Now fragrances in a new form. Naturally.

Purusa® Naturals break ground with patented green technology that transforms Argan oil into a smooth gel, delicately coating the skin.

Infused with precious oils from the petals of davana, jasmin, and osmanthus flowers, Purusa® Petalum is a classic in the making.

This delicate floral composition is enhanced with notes of mimosa and elemi for the ultimate in natural luxury.


Makeup Addict says – Okay, Okay – I can’t believe I really like Purusa® Naturals Petalum Natural Perfume Gel since I have made it well-known that I do not care for floral perfumes.  I cannot explain it – other than to say I may have been wrong.  This Purusa® Naturals Petalum Natural Perfume Gel is a gel – which you can read, and it is applied to your arms rather than the usual behind the ears and on the wrists.  I don’t know if that has something to do with it – but I do know the natural fragrance is incredible.  Because I normally do not take to floral scents I cannot identify the specific scents but I can tell you that the total result is nothing short of wonderful.  It is not overpowering, not is it weak.  It is just right.  It stays with me for the duration of the day or the evening.  If I go from day to night I do refresh it – so that it will make it through the night.  It is such a clean, natural floral scent – it sounds funny, especially for a perfume, but it does NOT smell perfumey — just very natural and beautiful.  It does not tell people you are coming but it lets them know you are there when you are close to them.  It also does not linger behind when you leave.  Many times I can still smell the perfume long after the wearer has left.  It is subtle, and delicate, but present.  Purusa® Naturals Petalum Natural Perfume Gel is the first floral perfume that I really love!!  You will enjoy the natural scent to it–no doubt!!  This perfume is just might be so much better for me – because it does not have the alcohol. 


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