Unisex Review ~ Ulrich Lang New York – Lightscape eau de Toilette


Lightscape explores the interplay between the bold freshness of galbanum and Sicilian lemon against the delicate refinement of violet


Top – galbanum, sicilian lemon, violet leaves

Heart – iris, rose, violet flower,cyclamen, cedarwood

Base ambergis, tonka bean, cashmere wood, musk, ambrette seeds

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I have been taking Lightscape for a test drive this week and one word “LOVE” this is my favorite scent from Ulrich Lang to date.. It’s is crisp, clean and full of layers.. It is so darn alluring.. I love the way this smells on my skin too.. I have a lot of favorite scents and I am USUALLY drawn to the same old things, I am one of those creature of habit kinda gals and this breaks through all of the chains of typical scents.. This scent had me at the first spritz, its like a burst of citrus, not lemon or orange, but a zesty crisp refined citrus.. It dries down to reveal the perfectly blended family of florals.. It’s warm and so inviting on the skin.. I kind of would REALLY like a body lotion to go with this.. I can only imagine the scent enveloping the bathroom after a hot shower.. OOOOOooo!! Anyhoo, I spritz on my wrist and just dab my wrists to each side of the nape of my neck and that is all I need.. I find that Lightscape wears throughout the day and well into the evening. It really holds up for the long haul. It really warms my heart… The perfection of the blend of crisp, floral & musky warmth.. I love that this is a unisex fragrance too, it is perfect for a man, its not a bouquet of floral simply a delicate blend… This on a guy would be fabulous.. I also see this as a green fragrance too, it’s fresh.. It’s definitely the kind of scent that lifts my spirits & adds a soft velvety sensuality that lingers throughout the day…

I always guage the way a fragrance smells on me by the way it smells in the air outdoors.. OMG, Lightscape is amazing, it carries so lightly, it is not the kind of scent that makes an entrance before I do, it is definitely more personal.. You have to come into my space to smell it, I NEVER want to be the girl who is doused in scent.. I think this is going to be a super scent for the spring when the weather warms up and the air is fresh and clean.. I can’t wait.. I am anxious to smell this on a guy! I think it’s going to be equally yummy and totally different.. LOVE!! Lightscape!


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