Review – Twinluxe ~ Anti-Aging SPF 40 Moisturizer

Anti-Aging SPF 40 Moisturizer
$48.00 at DERMSTORE

antioxidants, this award-winning advanced anti-aging face SPF 40 moisturizing treatment helps build new skin cells & minimizes damage to older cells. Provides complete Broad Spectrum PA+++ protection from harmful UVA / UVB sun rays. Helps reduce visible signs of fine lines & wrinkles, especially around crow’s feet eye area.

Ultra-light and non-greasy, this high performance 3-in-1 anti-aging / facial moisturizer / sunscreen offers the best men’s & women’s skin care and sun protection solution for staying young in the sun. Skin instantly becomes silky smooth w/ a matte finish.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. We got to take the above for a test drive, Twinluxe is a predominately Men’s line and I am not a MAN.. Now here is a twist, Twinluxe’s tag line is The finest grooming products for the modern man but they are breaking away from the male only crowd and have introduced this Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer as their 1st unisex product.. I have read many good things about the line so I was excited to bring to you a review from a female perspective, especially with their first product, I MEAN IT’s THERE FIRST, the care that had to go into this!

Well, I have been using daily for 2 weeks and so far AWESOME.. Twinluxe has created a creamy, thick moisturizer that goes on with an opaque hue at first, due to the SPF, then blends right into my skin leaving it feeling traceless once it absorbs in. My skin feels plump & hydrated and dries down to a nice natural look – NO OILY signs at all, you ALL know moisturizers with SPF’s are the culprits of an oily visage. My skin is that super soft, almost baby’s skin silky powdery soft texture, I love that… If you look above you can see what the moisturizer looks like, I use 2 pumps daily in the AM (above is one pump), I could get away with one but I use two for the SPF coverage, I am kind of an SPF freak and NEVER go out without it.. I am extremely fair skinned & sensitive so I know when I don’t have enough coverage with my SPF, Father Sun shines down on me and my cheeks immediately show redness.. I love, love, love that is AMPLE protection, SPF 40 is what I like to use daily so that is THRILLING. In the two weeks of using Twinluxe, all is WONDERFUL in the land of SPF facial coverage.. It’s winter here, cold, windy and dry so I need the moisturizer for all of those reasons & the bonus of a high SPF is just what the Dermatologist ordered.. I have been out in the snow, wind, cold and my skin is holding up wonderfully.. I don’t have any redness, flaking or dry spots, so Twinluxe has me covered in the moisture dept – completely!

What is also super important to me, being a girl,  is how my moisturizer performs with my cosmetics, if they swear then I am an unhappy camper.. I found from the first full day of wearing that my cosmetics blended really well with Twinluxe.. I didn’t have the slippage, no pilling and not unevenness.. My makeup looked flawless.. I made sure to try a few different foundation and the same results every time.. So this products is very agreeable to all of the products I used.. YEAH, that makes me love this even more..

So all in all this has been a super experience for me and I am so happy to share my thoughts.. I am thrilled that I got to try out Twinluxe’s first unisex product, all I can say is what is next? I hope a serum! OOoo just remembered, I wanted to mention, little to know scent,, when I am applying I do get a little bit of an alcohol scent, light but it does dissipate and isn’t bothersome.. What I really love is the quick absorption and great coverage.. SPF 40 all the WAY!!!


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