Men’s Review ~ Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur Editions de Parfums

GERANIUM POUR MONSIEUR delivers the long lasting freshness that most men desire. It is a sophisticated alternative to the all too mundane fern type fragrances. Geranium from China, rhodinol, mint, aniseed, spices such as clove and cinnamon, sandalwood, and a large dose of white musks, are the main players of this new breed of men’s perfume. The formula also contains rare warm exotic notes like incense resinoïd and styrax benzoin from Siam to add comfort and sophistication. Géranium pour Monsieur is Dominique Ropion’s answer to men seeking ultra-chic freshness.

available from Frederic MalleBarneys New York for $165.00

Mr. Traveler says.. I got a deluxe sample vial of Geranium Pour Monsieur.. I am not usually a scent man but this is so different, it’s like nothing I have worn before. I have always found the my sinuses conflict with fragrance. What is super strange is that when I spray this on it offers an almost cooling, soothing effect over me, it’s relaxing and an experience that was a first for me.. There is also something tranquil about it too.. I am by no means a scent detective so for me to break everything out and go into grave detail, I can’t, I would just embarrass myself.. What I can do is share my experience.. The scent is strong so a little goes a long way, no need to douse yourself because it is long lasting, masculine and fresh.. I think this is a grown up man’s scent.. It’s got an air of sophistication that MANY other men’s scents lack.. This has a lot of depth and layers to it.. It does change on my skin throughout the day.. I will tell you, Geranium Pour Monsieur stands up to my LONG days and wears well into the wee hours of the following AM.. It is like an energizer bunny it keeps on going.. It also permeates my clothing and when I am not wearing it  and put on my jacket, I can detect a masculine scent lightly lingering and it smells great so I know that I smell great when I wear…

What I also like about this is that it is spicy and warm, it isn’t a musky though, it’s not thick and like a gentleman’s club of masculinity, this is a modern scent that I think is one that defines the kind of many man you are… So I know I am no wear near perfect in my assessment but as I mentioned I am not a big scent wearer.. Here is what I think, it starts off cool and calming then changes and becomes more spicy warm all along being a strong scent that is masculine and by the late evening is still going strong and hasn’t faded into oblivion… I still have some left in my sample and have been wearing over a week so this will last you no matter what,

Make up Addict recently received a generous sample of Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur Editions de Parfums.  Yes, it may be intended for HIM but SHE might like it also.  I found GERANIUM POUR MONSIEUR to be a very sophisticated and alluring fragrance for men, but I loved it for myself.  I am not a ‘floral’ person so I was a little intimidated with the GERANIUM in the title.  I needn’t be as I did not end up smelling like a Geranium, but rather I did discover a nice light spicy tang to it.  It is a strong fragrance but NOT overpowering!!  It has a very fresh scent which I did not expect.  I thought it was a very sensual mix and I liked how it drew people to it.  I did hear some nice comments about it as I wore it.  The comments were not because GERANIUM POUR MONSIEUR announced that I was coming, but it did let people know I had arrived.  I used very little as it is strong and the small amount I used lasted and lasted.  It did fade a little but was still present well into the evening.  I would definitely recommend GERANIUM POUR MONSIEUR for gentlemen – but also for us women who like something a little different and not so ‘girly’.


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