Review – My Prime Skincare ~ Weightless Eye Cream

This innovative formula defies the notion that eye cream must feel heavy to be effective.  Performing well under makeup, this lightweight wonder leaves eyes looking bright and refreshed.


    Revitalizes tired-looking eyes
    Lightens dark circles and relieves puffiness
    Reduces the look of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and crow’s feet

Miss Style Apothecary says.. This surely is a weightless eye cream, it goes on so lightly yet provides ample moisture.. Have been applying in the AM daily since I got this in.. I really didn’t think that it was going to hold up to the dry weather since it feels to sheer.. I am pleasantly surprised, the cream has really been wonderful moisturizing and giving my a more supple appearance.. My eye area is delicate like everyone else’s but seriously if I rub my eyes too hard I swear it looks like I have an abrasion so it’s really sensitive too.. My skin has fully accepted this cream, no adverse reactions and my skin is clear.. So my sensitive skin with My Prime a thumbs up too. This comes with a pump to apply and I don’t need a full pump, when I pump to heavy, I just bring the extra to my lips and it does wonders to adding additional moisture.. The hydration is a long wearing and agrees with my cosmetics.. I do wear concealer and foundation, I have experienced no slippage or riding in any of those pesky little lines.. In fact, I feel like this eye cream does a good job of repelling the lines and giving my skin a little boost to fill them in.. This is a great line with any amazing creator that truth cares so you really get whar you pay for.. My experience was amazing!!


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