Men’s Review & Gift Guide ~ Creed Millesime Imperial Hair & Body Wash

CREED Millesime Imperial Hair & Body Wash  $85.00 by Creed at Neiman Marcus

Millesime Imperial Hair and Body Wash foams rapidly to clean hair and skin with handfuls of masterfully scented lather.

When the sumptuous blend washes away, hair and skin gleam with cleanliness and the all-over aura of bergamot-fresh Millesime Imperial.

In an unbreakable flask capped with CREED’s three-plumed crest.6.8 fl. oz./200mL

BennyBoy says… The Creed Imperial Millesime Hair & Body Wash is definitely a one of a kind product. I was fortunate to receive this product to review, but in all actuality it feels like it was given to me as a gift. First off, I have been using body wash for years, and I must say that this is my new favorite. This is one of those products that are a 2 in 1 so that means less time when packing and showering..This works out great when in a rush that I can use as shampoo also.. Doesn’t dry out my hair and make it unmanable..  I can use on my hair and body saving a complete step…I usually use body washes and when i compared the others to the Creed Imperial Millesime Body Wash It was night and day. The scent of the Creed body wash is what sold me from the beginning. It’s a fresh clean masculine scent.. I can’t believe how deeply fragranced the wash is… It’s definitely not overpowering at all, and I am able to smell it even hours after I used it (which I really liked). I can forget about using cologne because this has me covered.. It’s not heavy but still the fragrance sticks with me all day..  I also found that the body wash isn’t a thick heavy foaming, but light with a light foaming that rinses off quick and clean, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling filmy or tight.. . A little amount went a long way. Like I mentioned, when I got this to review, it felt like a gift so I know how exciting it is to use so I know for a fact that any other guy would love this.. This is PERFECT for the man with everything and it looks great in the shower too.. Creed!! WOW!!


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