Swisscode Bionic Skincare ~ Stem Cell Radiant Elixir

The focus of this concentrate is on two challenging areas of the body, where the skin is most vulnerable to ageing and therefore deserving of regular attention. Its centrepiece is centella asiatica, whose stem cells exhibit an exceptional ability to rejuvenate the skin structure of the neck and décolleté, restoring elasticity, reducing wrinkles and unevenness, and improving the skin’s smooth, youthful appearance. They also perform as an excellent antioxidant and have a long-lasting moisturising effect.

– Superior moisturiser for neck and décolleté. 
– Rejuvinates the skin, restoring elasticity and reducing unevenness. 
– Gives skin a smoother, more youthful appearance. 
– Strong anti-oxidant, anti-hyaluronidasic and anti-inflammatory effect. 

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METSV says:  Doesn’t the name of this just make you want it?  I couldn’t wait to test drive this elixir and so far so GOOD.   I think the neck and decolette is an area that is often-times overlooked – even by celebrities.  I’ve seen some very famous ladies with smooth faces that may belie their actual age ..but then you look at their neck and chest and you know that it’s an illusion….and that their unlined faces are the result of a trip to the plastic surgeon.   I’ve been using this elixir religiously and I have to say that it really DOES reduce the look of a crepey neck and chest.   The area looks smoother, feels firmer and less lined, less dry.    I think with continued use I’ll really be addicted- and then I’ll have to make sure I’m never out of it.   The serum isn’t thick or goopy – it’s light and absorbs well and lets my skin breathe.  I like to put this on right after a shower (you really don’t need a lot, so the elixir will last – love the pump dispenser too) when my skin is still warm.  I take a bit in the palms of my hands and gently massage upward and in within a minute or so my skin looks better; even my neck looks firmer.    These results just encourage me to continue on my regimen and hope that over time I’ll see even more improvement.    Really good line with excellent actives and ingredients that have been proven to work in repairing skin.  


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