Taylor Owen Beautiful ~ Natural Cleanser

Natural Cleanser with Strawberry – Rid your skin of impurities, dirt, debris, product build-up and makeup with our highly moisturizing, soap-free facial cleanser with Lycopene, a natural sun block that protects against harmful UV light. This all natural cleanser is safe enough for allergy-prone, sensitive and dry skin.

AllThatGlitterz says…Taylor Owen Beautiful Natural Cleanser is truly a beautiful product!  It is simple to use and simply stated, it gives great results.  I use it twice a day.  I wet my face with warm water and lather a small amount in my hands.  I massage it onto my face and remove the lather by rinsing my face with warm water again.  I can actually see that it has removed dirt and oil and city grime from my face! 

I love that it is for all skin types.  My face is ‘normal’ skin type for most of it, but I have dry patches along the forehead and between the brows, but it can be oily on the chin and the very tip of my nose!  Do I want to use several different types of cleansers to wash my face?  Heck no!  So this Natural Cleanser is perfect.  It really does a great job and it utilizes all natural ingredients.  No chemical combos on my face please!  I prefer natural ingredients and natural results.

And I have to tell you, the light strawberry scent I get when I apply it is so refreshing!  It puts a little smile on my face and wakens my senses. 

Great product!


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