Taylor Owen Beautiful ~ Natural Seaweed Toner

Product Info A super food for the skin, our soothing seaweed toner naturally restores balance to the skin by delivering minerals, trace elements and moisture-giving molecules to combat inflammation and promote hydration.

AllthatGlitterz says…I’ve been using Taylor Owen Beautiful – Natural Seaweed Toner for over a week now.  I use it immediately after cleansing (with Taylor Owen Beautiful Natural Cleanser), twice a day, morning and night, and I love it.  This is my new skin routine.  I spray the Natrual Seaweed Toner on a cotton ball and I apply it to my face. I do not use it on my eyes.  I moisturize using my regular moisturizer immediately after application.
So – this is what I’ve noticed…softer skin.  There – that is it.  But for a woman who has normal, dry and oily skin on her face, this is great news.   My skin is evenly hydrated – there are no more patches.  My skin is simply softer.  Oh, did I just say that again?  Softer!!  It’s fabulous, really.
In a nutshell, this product contains natural active ingredients.  I don’t feel like my face is a walking chemistry experiment.  I feel fresh, my skin feels great and it looks healthy.  I don’t think there is much more to say. 

This product delivers on all levels.  It’s definitely worth the price of admission! 


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