Gift Guide + Review ~ Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman Gift Set

            Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman Gift Set  $36.90 $88.00 Available @ Ulta
This gift set includes a 3.3 oz Eau De Parfum Spray and a 3.3 oz Body Lotion. Sensual and enticing, Provocative Woman by Elizabeth Arden is a beautifully refined fragrance for women. A dazzling blend florals with an oriental touch. This feminine scent is an alluring blend of lilies, gorgeous lotus, lovely orchids with subtle undertones of amber and woods.

Makeup Addict thinks Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman Gift Set is a wonderful gift for yourself or someone else.  Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman Fragrance is a very sophisticated, subtle (yet, provocative) scent that is alluring.  It draws much favorable attention.  I am not usually a ‘floral’ fan but Provocative Woman is not overboard with the florals.  Also, because the florals are especially soft and they are combined with just the right touch of amber and woods -the resulting mix is an absolutely gorgeous feminine fragrance.  It is feminine – but not too girly!!  It is a sexy aurora that I feel when I use Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman.  The feeling is enhanced when I use the Body Lotion in conjunction with the Perfume.  I have found many fragranced body lotions to be drying due to the alcohol — but that is not true of Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman.  It adds the right amount of moisture along with the lovely fragrance.  I am genuinely enthralled with Elizabeth Arden’s Provocative Woman.  One thing that I have noticed is that more men seem to complement this compared to many of my other fragrance choices.  These are men I know – but they usually don’t give complements out.  They really like it and I was asked what it is so that one of them could pick it up for his wife.  It does not announce itself before I arrive – it is simply because it pulls you into it.  Women have commented also, but more men seem attracted to it.  LOVE IT!!  (How perfect is the box presentation for gift giving?!?!?!?)


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