Freeman – Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream

Freeman Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream   $14.99 See Rebate which is Available @                                                   Freeman

  • Moisture-rich cream helps heal dry, cracked skin.
  • Low cut, seamless Diabetic Socks protect and seal in moisture.
  • Lavender and Orange alleviate dryness and restore moisture.
  • Contains Copper, Zinc, and Allantoin to soften rough, cracked heels and help promote healing.
  • Anti-microbial formula penetrates fast for a nourishing, non-greasy finish.

Makeup Addict could hardly wait to use this on my raggedy feet.  My feet are the ugliest, roughest, and toughest feet around.  I baby them to get them to a human state.  So believe me when I say I had to try this on them.  Freeman Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream is advertised as safe for Diabetic use so I figure this has to be pretty effective, as well as safe.  It is a white cream which applies very easily and was absorbed by my feet in NO time.  I actually applied two coats the first couple of times as it was swallowed up so fast.  I did put the socks on – even though I get so warm while sleeping that I toss the covers off.  Well, evidently I got too warm in the middle of the night as I found the socks on the floor in the morning. (No, I do not remember taking them off).  I figured – there goes the effectiveness – the socks were not on all night.  When I touched my feet – I was very surprised at the smoothness I felt.  The callous I call feet was so soft and smooth that I didn’t recognize my feet.  Well, if Freeman Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream works that well overnight (and without the socks on for the full night) – I am using it during the day also.  I have been applying it daily and nightly and my feet have responded by being the softest I can remember.  The dryness and roughness have left the building!!  Freeman Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream really worked a miracle with these feet — I still find it hard to believe that it worked so well in one night – without the recommended socks.  Freeman Barefoot Repair Overnight Foot Cream is well worth the money — and check out the site for rebate information — incredible.  I believe it is for a limited time so you should visit as soon as possible to order within the time frame.


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