Men’s Review ~ Lancer Dermatology ~ ‘Polish’ Natural Sea Minerals

LANCER DERMATOLOGY ‘Polish’ Natural Sea Minerals (Nordstrom Exclusive) $50.00 at Nordstrom

As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Natural Sea Mineral Polish is a gentle skin-resurfacing polish containing a blend of natural sea minerals and exfoliating enzymes. Product highlights: – Contains magnesium oxide exfoliating natural sea minerals. – Bromelain and papain act as exfoliating enzymes. – Contains the proprietary Lancer CRT Oxygen TechnologyTM Liposome Complex with ingredients that help provide oxygenation while combating the effects of reactive oxygen species (ROS). How to use: Apply a small amount to damp—not wet—skin. Apply with an upward circular motion for 60 to 90 seconds. May be used 1-2 times a day.

 Review Man says… I have recently acquired a 2 OZ tube of the Lancer Skincare Polish with Natural Sea Minerals. The tube is simple and about half the size of a normal tube of toothpaste so not an issue finding a place on your bathroom sink.  Lancer products are made in The United States and are also paraben free which are two big pluses for me when finding facial products.  The Polish is enhanced with magnesium oxide crystals that provide collagen stimulation that leaves that great tingly feeling on your face.  I am a very active 32 year old male and go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week.  I work up a good sweat and have the tendency to have grease buildup and blockage when I don’t use good products.  I have started using Lancer Polish two weeks ago and have found my skin to be clean, clear and feeling refreshed.  I use the product every other day as recommended.  I apply a dime size amount to my finger tips and work the exfoliator into my dampened face for a few minutes.  I would classify this as an aggressive exfoliating polish as it has plenty of coarse crystals that leave your face feeling smooth and cleansed.  Once rinsed off, I apply a toner to my face to balance out and replenish my skin.  I have had no blemishes since using this product and have seen a significant change in my skin’s appearance and feel.  This is a great value and product to add to your skincare routine.


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