Sephora Collection ~ Glitter Eyeliner Set

Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner Set $15.00 ($22.00 value) avail @ Sephora
A five-piece set of mini liquid liners with a glittery, glamorous finish.

Add glitz and glam to your look with this collection of liquid liners. The high-payoff, long-lasting formulas are packed with sparkle for all-night shimmer and the purse-sized vials are perfect for on-the-go beauty. The fine-tipped brush applicator ensures precise, consistent application in a single step. Wear these liners alone or over your favorite shadow for twinkling, starry eyes.

This set contains:
5 x glitter eyeliners in:
– Bewitched Black
– Majestic Purple
– Chrome Silver
– VIP Gold
– Glamour Pink

Miss Style Apothecary says.. The first thing that drew me to this collection are the colors, they are fun and sparkly without being too OVER the TOP.. I love bright eyes but I am not one to wear super bright eye colors.. I know this is strange but the gold makes my eyes twinkle and the liner picks up on the gold flecks in my hazel eyes – I am not layering it on heavy just a thin line at the lashes and that is all, I wash the rest of my eye area nude shadow just to keep the area clean, I love it.. The gold is perfect for hazel eyes.. The applicator brush on these eyeliners is SUPER fine so it really makes for simple application and you really can’t overdue it! I do one eye at a time, obviously and gently hold my lid closed and slightly stretch the lid so I can get a smooth even application.. It does go on wet but not oozing, it pretty much dries right away but do yourself a favor and give it a minute to set.. Since this is a glitter base, removal is EASY but takes a little more to remove all the glitter.. I use a makeup remover and a cotton pad and swipe and it’s gone.. I find that I have to go over the lid area a couple of time but it is clean and gone, so I can attest that this can be removed, so many glitter based products dont’ want to come off and you can see flecks of glitter a few days after wearing, I haven’t experienced that at all, it all comes over with a little extra care…

I have used all of the colors and wear them all in the same way, a light thin line right on the lash line, for me that looks the best, it’s a subtle look for a big twinkle effect… the glitter just catches the light and and looks so pretty.. I think they are all fun colors to wear and easy for all eye colors.. They brighten up my eyes immediately and are FUN.. The price of $15.00 is so worth it, I got to try all of these colors and play with them.. I think this would also make a great gift, it allows the gift giver to get off with an inexpensive price and the gift receiver gets 5 fun liners that are PERFECT for the holiday season..

I also wanted to share that I wear during the DAY and at night these might be screaming night life but I do both! I can attest that these liners have some serious staying power, these are on for the long haul and don’t need to be touched up.. I am going out for the evening and no time to shower and re-do the makeup, I do go right over the liner I have to boost it up.. I notice minimal transferring.. I sometimes see a few flecks of glitter on my eye lids for the most part the liner remains on my lash line with little flecking…


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