Jessica Simpson ~ Vintage Bloom Eau de Parfum

Jessica Simpson ‘Vintage Bloom’ Eau de Parfum   $35.00 by Jessica Simpson at Nordstrom

Crisp vibrant citrus notes of Calabrese lemon and caipirinha lime zest open Vintage Bloom with a zing. Slowly, the soft femininity of raspberry blooms into a breezy, fresh floral accord with a burst of stardust peony to evoke Jessica’s dreamy, romantic nature. Bright, youthful notes are tempered as the fragrance blossoms into warm sensuality, inviting notes of crisp cotton musk and Indian sandalwood to charm and delightfully entice.

Miss Style Apothecary says… Jessica Simpson, I had no IDEA that your nose knew the kind of scents that I am totally drawn too… KUDOS to you and Vintage Bloom, I love it… I find it to be a perfect scent for me.. Immediately the first thing that I think of is, FEMININE, it’s very pretty and light.. When you see the word “Vintage” don’t think your grandmother’s perfume, think this is concocted from floral notes that have been around forever.. For the first spritz, it’s a lovely floral bouquet.. It’s a fresh and clean floral scent, it’s not over the top heavy and looming.. It’s perfect and perky for the day and when evening arrives the bouquet is light on my skin so I refresh with a spritz and am ready to rock.. If I HAD to compare I think it reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy Fresh.. It has a similar composition.. From the moment that the spritz begins the fresh crisp sweet scent of the raspberry note that erupts into a bountiful array of floral mixed with a light warm musk.. The dry down is so pretty on me.. I love it, it’s a fruity fresh summery floral that has a warmth to it, almost a light vanilla amber, musky scent.. I think this can be worn by anyone who likes florals and feminine scents.. I am also kind of impressed with the price, its only $35.00 so more affordable than many other celebrity scents, this one is well worth looking into, I will wear till the bottle runeth DRY.. I am totally IMPRESSED! .


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