Furlesse Elevens (Frown lines reducing patches)

Furlesse Elevens     $19.99   Available @ Furlesse

YOUR’E A 10. (So ditch the elevens!) Relax frown lines in a gentle, natural (no needles!) way. Whether you’re a soap-and-water girl or a Botox believer, Furlesse is for you. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Sensitive skin? No problem. No latex and hypoallergenic. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep or before a big night out and a few hours later you’ll see fewer fine lines. It’s that easy.

Clean your skin as usual. If you moisturize, wait a few minutes until it’s absorbed. Gently smooth your lines and place the patch on your skin. Use nightly for best results. To remove, peel the patch back across itself, from one corner to the other. Admire your smooth skin and smile!

Makeup Addict can use all the help I can get at ridding myself of ‘Elevens’ and Furlesse Elevens is one of the best products I have used for the temporary reduction or disappearance of those pesky elevens.  How simple can they be to use — so simple that even I got them right the first time around!!  Hey, I am not saying that these permanently get rid of them – but they do a truly great temporary job.  When the ‘elevens’ return – reapply.  I use them nightly so that I can appear at my best for the day.  I love that I can still use moisturizer before applying these — some products prefer that they be applied to perfectly clear skin with no moisturizer.  I need the moisturizer along with the Furlesse Elevens so these really do the best job for me.  I hate to mention it – but without Furlesse Elevens you might have to hire a guide to see the depth of my valleys (aka elevens).  Yes, mine are pretty deep and the difference when I remove the Furlesse Elevens is like I have taken at least a couple of years off!!  Love my Furlesse Elevens!!!!!


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