Alterna ~ Color Hold Caviar Anti-Aging Seasilk Moisture Conditioner

Alterna Caviar AntiAging Moisture Conditioner 8.5oz

$32.00 by Alterna at SkinStore

Alterna Caviar MoistureAlterna’s Caviar Moisture line balances moisture levels, delivering youthful shine and silkiness.Provides daily nourishment for dry, dull, lifeless hair.  This conditioner infused with Seasilk, Age-Control Coplex and Color Hold helps maintain moisture, protects from daily stresses and delivers what your hair needs to remain strong, healthy and younger looking.

METSV says:  I have a bunch of Alterna products in my bathroom – from shampoos and conditioners to styling products (love their Bamboo line of stying aids) I’ve never relegated any Alterna product to my hair-care graveyard – lonely and unloved!   I’ve used their conditioners, but this was my first foray into the moisture conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair.   I think I was expecting it to weigh my already fine hair down – it does not.  Instead, it gives my hair great shine, health, and believe it or not – body.   Smells great, like all Alterna products; sulfate free – a must for me – and there is no heavy, oily feeling residue when I rinse.  My hair just feels clean and healthy.  When I’m conditioning I just focus on mid strands to the ends and I’ll pay extra attention to my ends.  I also notice less hair-fall in the shower.    I have been shedding a bit more lately, but it seems when I use this conditioner, I don’t see as much hair waiting in the drain for me to pick up.    I remember when the Alterna line first came out a bunch of years ago and I had read Jennifer Anniston was a big fan – well, look at her hair!  I don’t know if she still uses the line, but I know I’ll be a fan as long as they make these great hair products.   This conditioner is a must if you have color treated, moisture-crazing hair.   Love it.


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