Honeycat Cosmetics’ ~ Amenity Kit-ty

Honeycat Cosmetics’ Amenity Kit-ty      For Information go to Honeycat Cosmetics

Makeup Addict found Honeycat Cosmetics’ Amenity Kit-ty to be a very appealing introduction package of bath/shower products from Honeycat Cosmetics.  It comes in a very cute package which really does suit the Honeycat Cosmetics line.  I love the packaging for myself – or for a gift!  It contains their Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Shampoo, and Conditioner.  I have already done a review for the Shower Gel+ so you might want to check that out for the full details.  I have to say the Shampoo has that wonderful light peachy fragrance.  It is a very clean scent and not artificial at all.  This is a very good all-around shampoo – in other words it can be used on dry, oily, fine and thick hair.  It suds up nicely, cleans the hair and scalp to a wonderful squeaky clean and rinses out very easily.  I go on to their very flexible Conditioner which which works on all hair types.  Once again, I love the fragrance and I leave it in for a few minutes to get the full benefits.  It rinses out to leave my hair clean, fresh, silky, soft and ready for styling.  Then I grab the Body Lotion which just smooths over my skin, leaving it as silky soft as my hair.  It also keeps that wonderful light fragrance with me for a while.  All in all, this is a very smart and useful kit for yourself or as a gift — or get two – one for you and one as a gift.  You will really enjoy this Kit-ty!!  Honeycat Cosmetics has a very useful product line – that is presented in a very cute and umique way.


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