STILA ~ Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Stila – Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

$22.00 by Stila at

These highly pigmented liquid lipsticks from Stila deliver luscious, long-lasting results. The creamy, full-coverage formula provides intense moisture with bold pigment that stays in place for up to six hours of continuous wear. Vitamin E and avocado oil hydrate and soften lips. Comfortable texture feel weightless on lips. Colors do not bleed or transfer. Measurements: Capacity: 0.1 oz

METSV says:   I’m usually not the hugest fan of long wearing lippies… they don’t like me… They tend to bleed, cake, dry out my lips, leave a ring around my lips.  I try ’em and I chuck ’em (or return them).   I’m a fan of Stila – good price point, nice makeup, so once again I gave a long wearing lippie a try.   I will say that this will not be something I wear during the day – it is RED, and I mean RED.  I’m usually a clear to subtle lip color kinda gal during the day, but if I want to get my Gwen S. or X-Tina on at night, then I’m in business!   To make this work for me, I absolutely have to have lip balm on first, then I take the little applicator and transfer a lot of of what’s on it to a kleenex or else it gets a bit messy, THEN I apply to my lips.   That’s the way I get it to work for me!   As far as staying power, oh yes, this stays – better than most any I’ve tried.   When it does start to fade off, it fades evenly, not in blotches or in a weird line around my lips or anything like that – so that’s a big plus.    This looks great with little to know eyemakeup; just mascara and a little bit of champagne highlighter on my cheeks.  The color is so bold that you want to be pretty much nude on the rest of your face.  Finally, a long lasting lippie that doesn’t end up in my makeup graveyard.  Well done, Stila.


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