Stila ~ Stay All Day Foundation, Concealer & Brush Kit

Stay All Day Foundation, Concealer and Brush Kit $44.00 by Stila at DERMSTORE

An oil-free foundation and creamy concealer—the ultimate multitasking duo for flawless, breathable coverage.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. WOW! I want ALL day wear out of my makeup but I have found that a lot of all day foundations end up being heavy and don’t let my skin breath… Stila’s formula is rich and creamy.. I love this set, it makes it so easy to use and especially travel with.. When staying with a friend for the weekend or going away this is compact and doean’t take up a lot of room.. OK, back to the formula, like I mentioned, it’s creamy so along with the brush application is SUPER easy.. The bottle opens to reveal a spatula like applicator on the inside which makes it easy.. I dab on in the areas I want then smooth in with the brush.. I then add a little concealer on where I need that and I dab that on too.. I use the brush for both, I am light on the concealer so that I dab on then tap into my skin till it is blended then I am done.. I finish with a light powder just to set the foundation.. The finish that I get is a nice cream finish, it doesn’t look heavy or overly made up.. My skin-tone is totally evened out and all imperfections are camouflaged.. The wear is all day.. I will tell you the best way to really get the maximum out of this set it so be sure and moisturize this really sets my skin for perfect hold and long term wear.. It also doesn’t rub off if I need to use a kleenex or wipe my face.. It leaves my skin super soft and doesn’t clog my pores.. I have been wearing for just about 2 weeks daily and my skin is in great shape! Not dry or oily! Perfect..

I have this kit in fair, I am very pale and the color is pale, it’s a great cross between a neutral with a touch of yellow that neutralizes the pink in my skin.. This is a perfect foundation to wear when going out at night straight after the office or school.. I don’t need any touch ups at the end of the day.. I just need to pop on gloss and go! I also want to let you know that this doesn’t settle into my skin and flake or slip.. It stays on and doesn’t need to be refreshed.. I wear with a facial serum, light daily moisturizer, sunscreen and primer.

Oooo on the weekends when I need to just run out and don’t have time to get ready.. I just pop a little concealer on and GO.. finish with a lip gloss and I don’t look like a mutant, my skin is even and I look bright eyed! This is a really KEEPER! PERFECT for Fall 2012!


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