Review – AHAVA ~ Comforting Cream

Ahava Time To Treat Comforting Cream  $45.00 by Ahava at Ulta

Comforting Cream by Ahava is an effective calming moisturizer targeting sensitive skin conditions. Comforting Cream by Ahava is an effective calming moisturizer targeting sensitive skin conditions. Provides total relief and can be used everyday or for occasional flare-ups. Soothes irritations, reduces redness and lessens the skin’s reaction to aggressors by fortifying skin’s natural barrier. Skin remains comfortable and maintains a healthy appearance.

Makeup Addict enjoyed trying AHAVA Comforting Cream – it is always a pleasure to test out a soothing or calming type of product.  AHAVA Comforting Cream certainly fits the bill.  I have blotchy red patches that can be very irritating and difficult to cover with makeup.  However, the irritation was actually reduced to 0% almost upon applying AHAVA Comforting Cream.It is a very light cream which does smooth on nice and easily.  It does have a slight fragrance which is not overpowering, nor is it unpleasant.   I was actually thinking that even if it did nothing else, it worked wonders just for that result.  However, I did need to continue use for a couple of weeks before seeing anyfurther  improvements.  I did not mind waiting as the refreshing feel to my skin made it okay.  I did not see a huge improvement all at once.  I started to see little things – like the red did not seem to be as red – my skin looked and felt a bit smoother and did not appear as blotchy as it was usually.  These little improvements increased with use and I can honestly say — there have been huge improvements – on top of the calming effect on my skin.  The redness is almost completely gone and is easily camoflaged with makeup.  Of course, the blotchiness decreased as well as the redness – and my skin has a smoother, softer appearance.  I have had some people comment that my skin appears much healthier – much fresher!!  I could not be happier with the results I have attained with AHAVA Comforting Cream.  The cost is actually minimal, considering the benefits — definitely worth the price.  You do not need a lot to achieve the improvements so you will not have to buy more that often.  


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