Furlesse ~ Rows (Forehead Line Reducing Patches)

FABULOUS FOREHEAD. (Forget about the furrows!) Relax forehead lines in a gentle, natural (no needles!) way. Whether you’re a soap-and-water girl or a Botox believer, Furlesse is for you. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Sensitive skin? No problem. No latex and hypoallergenic. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep or before a big night out and a few hours later you’ll see fewer fine lines. It’s that easy.

Clean your skin as usual. If you moisturize, wait a few minutes until it’s absorbed. Gently smooth your lines and place the patch on your skin. Use nightly for best results. To remove, peel the patch back across itself, from one corner to the other. Admire your smooth skin and smile!

$19.99 at Furlesse

METSV says:   Two words:  These.  Work.    No seriously, they really do.  Why can’t I ever think to invent brilliant little beauty tools like these?   So easy to use – I’ve even used them during the day – and they absolutely smooth out my forehead lines.  I actually cut one in half and put it across the furrow between my brows and it works there too…. and I only do that b/c I’m out of the “Elevens” that are made for that area.   I have used the Furlesse line-reducing patches in various forms (Crows, Elevens and now Rows and Lip Sticks {to be reviewed in a different post} ) a little over a year on and off and I’m always mad at myself when I run out or if I forget to use them b/c my skin definitely looks better when I do.  When I use Rows I get a glimpse of what my forehead area would look like with a touch of the ‘Tox…. (which I have not yet ventured into).   I have worn these for a couple of hours during the day before going out and when I peel them off, I’m not kidding my skin looks so much better – younger, smoothed out.  I’ve tried other brands and I always come back to Furlesse – simple to use, nearly invisible on, effective as all get out, these are a gotta have.  I won’t be without them.

Makeup Addict says — Big Deal, Maria – you do not have the lines of a map on your face – you little whippersnapper!!  Seriously, Maria found Furlesse’s Rows (Forehead Line Reducing Patches) to really work on her fine lines which is great.  But now Furlesse’s Rows (Forehead Line Reducing Patches) are getting a real test — MY face!!  Let’s put it this way — the results are just simply amazing — the deep lines and caverns on my face are not gone – but they are minimized so much that I almost did not recognize myself.  Hey, I want to be perfectly honest — Furlesse’s Rows (Forehead Line Reducing Patches) are NOT a permanent fix.  But the temporary fix is incredible.  I need a stock of them – I almost use them before I appear to the outside world.  I have heard — okay, what have you done now, what are you using now, your skin looks so smooth — all very kind ways of saying that I look a bit younger than usual!!  I know they are genuine complements as I see the difference myself.  I do use them overnight for the day — and then again for a while before going out at night!!  The results are worth every penny and more.  Love Furlesse’s Rows (Forehead Line Reducing Patches)!!!!!


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