Men’s Review ~ R. Cooper Evolved For Men ~ Daily Face Wash

R. Cooper Daily Fash Wash $23.00 avail @ R. Cooper Skincare

Harmonizing extracts of Blue Lotus and German Chamomile soothe and de-stress skin in this ultra purifying Cleanser.  Organic Green, Black and White Teas deliver a triple burst of powerful Anti-oxidants to protect the skin from harsh environmental conditions.  Ideal for today’s man on the go, this cleansing formula quickly and effectively dissolves oil and dirt from pores without stripping essential nutrients necessary for your skin to retain balance. 

Mr. Traveler says… RC daily face wash is a great product. A small amount goes a long way. It is gentile so it doesn’t make my face feel tight or make it look like I am sunburned or  flushed/embarrassed about something for an hour after I use it. I have experienced all of those things with other products so I am always on high alert when reviewing a facial cleanser. The packaging is smart looking and it fits into my shaving kit very easily and without taking up too much space. It’s a breeze to travel with, not as a carry on but checked in! The wash, itself has a slightly bluish hue with the consistency of hair conditioner (opaque & creamy) and it also has a light fresh and clean non-perfume like scent. So many men’s lines think we are looking for MUSK and we aren’t, we want products that work and don’t necessarily scream “I am a man therefore if I use a skincare product, I am not really a men unless the product smells like a Man should smell”

I have used R Cooper’s Daily wash exclusively for over three weeks and I have definitely noticed a difference. It absolutely removes dead skin which reduced a lot of the redness that I have on my cheeks and forehead that is most visible after I shower and seems to linger specifically in these areas. I haven’t had any break-outs either it really seems to be as much of a skin Elixir as it is a cleanser. So while cleaning my skin, it isn’t stripping but adding moisture so when I am in a rush this is all I need, it’s a two in one product really.. This is also a great product for any guy out there looking to start a regimen, start small and reap the benefits of a moisturizing cleanser!

I am not in my 20’s anymore so my skin can use all the help that it can get. to get hold of a cleanser that doesn’t smell like perfume, dry my skin out or leave my face feeling like it’s stretched over my skull is a god send. I would recommend this product to anyone but especially to those who have been disappointed in the past with other cleansing products. R. Cooper keeps their  word on this product in every way. It really has been a pleasure to review it and I will use till the bottle is COMPLETELY empty.. Also want to comment on the price, $23 is a good price for what you get… it works and works using a minimal amount so I found it to be well worth the price tag..



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