Immunocologie ~ Eye Treatment Serum VenoMAX

Eye Treatment Serum VenoMAX™ avail @ Immunocologie for $150.00    

 The decrease in immune response and increase in inflammatory activity that come with age can cause chronic inflammation, leading to a slow, but continuous production of free radicals and promoting wrinkles and sagging skin.

IMMUNOCOLOGIE’S™ revolutionary Eye Treatment Serum contains VenoMAX™, a proprietary complex of anti-inflammatory ingredients that synergistically inhibits the activation of NF-kB, a key mediator in inflammation and aging.   Enhanced by our exclusive Bio-Fermentation™ process, this luxurious, ultra-rich serum allows skin to take on the “IMMUNOCOLOGIE™ glow” that characterizes a youthful complexion while instantly smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Types:  All skin types.

Miss Style Apothecary says… Now this line is AMAZING.. I couldn’t have gotten the opportunity to review a better product.. Using an eye serum in this summer heat has given me the freedom to maintain moisture and reap the benefits without my skin suffering.. We all know it’s more challenging to wear makeup in the summer months and that also means skincare.. I have been loading up with a high spf daily and I didn’t want me skin to overloaded so I have been using this serum instead of a cream and on occasions where I really want to seal the deal I use in conjunction with an eye cream but I find that 1 pump of this luscious serum gets me though.. It immediately soaks into my skin and I visibly can see that the area looks plump and hydrated no crepey looking skin and the little fine line seem to completely diminish.. it’s completely weightless.. The serum bisibly looks like a light white opaque lotion so its very easy to see where it goes but as mentioned it does seep in quickly.. I also sweep my lips when I am done applying, why waste when the lippes can use all the moisture you can get..

Now, I know this is an investment skincare item, well, it’s WORTH it, I have been using for months, once a day and still have some left, I started in May and it’s August and I am projecting that I will get through this month too, NOT sure though.. So for the investment look what I have gotten, complete worry free eye area and my skin couldn’t look better.. This is such a great product.. Even not dinnertime to the touch my eye area is soft smooth and still hydrated.. I also want to mention there is NO scent so if you are leery no need to be, I have ultra sensitive skin and never an adverse reaction.. I will use up till the bottle runeth DRY… What a breath of FRESH air this experience has been and I would buy again in a heartbeat! I really feel like it has eased the fine lines and given new life to my eye ares and for the past few month it’s not a concern of mine!


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