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The most obvious changes in your skin due to aging include wrinkling, laxity, dryness, and general thinning of the skin.  Cell Vitals introduces ReLuma’s skin care line, which contains multiple growth factors and proteins derived from adult stem cells, creates a more effective process for stimulating skin rejuvenation and regeneration.  It has the ability to stimulate fibroblast production of collagen, increase skin firmness and elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin vibrancy, develop a smoother, silkier texture, even out skin colors and tones, thus resulting in younger looking skin.

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METSV says:  Stem Cells in skincare are all the rage right now.   It seems that the science and studying of skin and aging has taken a giant leap forward and that’s a great thing…I’m all about science and technology but really all I want are products that deliver on their promises and for me, ReLuma does just that.  Boy, do I LOVE this line…  I know everyone’s mileage varies, but rare is the occassion that I am so happy with a group of products that I have already gone ahead and reordered – and this is before I am even out of what I have.    So here’s the scoop…. As I have been navigating my 40’s and all the “fun” changes that come with it, I have found myself doing things like taking my hands and putting them on either side of my face to pull the skin back..or taking one hand and putting it under my chin and cheeks to see what I would look like with a LifeStyle Lift!  I have not yet taken the plunge on injectibles.  I have a magic number in mind and that number is 50.   I have a little bit of time…. maybe even more now.  All I want is for the skin I’m living in at the moment to look and feel its best and I’m thinking I have found the solution in the formulas that make up the ReLuma Trio.  I’ll start with the star of the show, the Illuminating Serum

SERUM:   All I use is one pump – a.m. and p.m. and then I wait a couple of mintues for it to sink in.  It took around three weeks to really start noticing subtle changes in my skin – the texture, tone, and firmness, and I am not kidding…changes WERE happening.  All good.   I have the worst possible flourescent lighting in my office and one day when I went to put on lipstick after lunch I pulled out my little mirror and I actually did a doubletake – my skin looked so smooth, less bumpy, less old.  There are some days, and I’m honestly not trying to be vain here, that I look in the mirror and can not believe how improved my skin is, especially around the eyes.  There is a clarity and firmness to it that I would never have imagined could happen with a skincare product…I even feel like there’s less skin to pull back on the lower half of my face; like the skin there has really firmed up. If you had the opportunity to purchase only one product from the ReLuma line…it would have to be the serum…But for me personally, I think the combo of the trio I’m using has yielded the best results.

MOISTURIZER:  Once the serum is all absorbed (never sticky either) I apply the moisturizer.  A little is all you need even though it’s very lightweight.  My face is instantly hydrated and looks plump and healthy.  This effect lasts all day.  I have not had any adverse reactions to it either and I have very sensitive skin.   I use very little at night – I try to save the moisturizer for the day because I tend to be a little bit generous with it because I love how it makes my skin look and feel!

EYECREAM:   I use a little dab of this and pat it all around my eyes for an instant decrease in the look of lines and crepiness, but over time – it’s more than the look of lines – on me, it’s like they are not even noticible.  I mean, they’re still THERE, but so faint they’re barely visible.  I can’t even believe it.   A little tip to share – once my makeup is on and I’m just about out the door, I take another teeny dab of the eyecream and dot it around my eyes –  I get this soft, diffused glow around the orbital bone and that soft-focused look.  I also dab what’s ever left over on my lips.  I don’t have lip lines yet, but I figure why not be preventative!

I am in my 6th week of the ReLuma regimen and I am so happy with how my skin has responded to it.   Compliments have been coming my way and that is no word of a lie.   One of my sister’s friends that I hadn’t seen in forever told me that I hadn’t aged a bit.  My own sister asked what I was using and she honestly asked me “how come you don’t have any wrinkles?”   I do have wrinkles, I really do – can’t help it..that’s life…but they are much less noticable since embarking on ReLuma.    If you google “ReLuma reviews” I think you will find that it’s not just me doing the raving.  Some of the most popular beauty and skincare forums are raving about it as well.   I am so thrilled that I got introduced to this line of skincare.     Highly recommend.  



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