Paco Rabanne ~ Lady Million eau de parfum spray

Paco Rabanne paco rabanne lady million by paco rabanne eau de parfum spray 2.7 oz      $84.00 by Paco Rabanne at Bluefly

paco rabanne lady million by paco rabanne eau de parfum spray 2.7 oz Fragrance notes: raspberry, lemon, neroli, jasmine, gardenia, orange flower, patchouli, white honey Paco Rabanne Lady Million By Paco Rabanne Eau De Parfum Spray 2.7 Oz

Miss Style Apothecary says, the first thing I look notice of is the gem of a bottle this is housed in, it’s very eye catching and decadent. I love it, it’s prismatic and if you are a perfume displayer well, this is perfect to add to your collection. The spritz is nice and full bodied so application is minimal.. This scent is complex and full of scent, it’s bold, strong and full of personality.. I found that it’s a sophisticated floral scent that has many layers.. Lady Million starts off powerful and of deeply blended warm floral scents… I have to share that by the days end it turns into a a light romantic soft feminine floral, I was amazing by the transition, it becomes so light and pretty.. I can definitely pick up the gardenia, that is the first thing I pick up on the initial spritz, all the fruitiness comes in on the dry down, that is when I can detect the yummy fresh berries and citrus.. So if you get a chance to try this out, remember to give it time to transform on your skin it goes through a few stages..

I spritz on my wrists then bring my wrist to my neck and that is it. I don’t need anymore.. It lasts throughout the day and into the evening it I am going out for the night I do add a spritz for that freshly applied scent.. I think Lady Million is a fresh hip young scent that everyone will like and it’s perfect for summer wear, in the evening breeze it carries and smells delicious in the air!


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