Men’s Review ~ Dreadnought Shaving Cream

Dreadnought was developed for use by problem shavers – those testosterone charged men for whom the toughest of stubble is an everyday fact of life.

Dreadnought not only contains the finest ingredients you would normally find in a premium shaving cream but also features a miracle ingredient called Decelerine – a scientifically proven marvel that within a few months use actually reduces the appearance of hair which in turn makes your shave closer and more comfortable.

 $19.00 for more info, please check out Dreadnought

Mr Traveler says….. I believe that first impressions are very important. This product has impressed me from the start.

I really enjoy using Dreadnought. At first glance you may think that looks like one of those cream type shaving balms that doesn’t lather and leaves your face feeling greasy but trust me; It’s exactly the opposite. When used as directed and with only a small amount applied to my shaving brush it works into a thick lather very quickly and immediately goes to work getting my skin and my beard prepared for the sword. I don’t use one of those flimsy plastic disposable razors. I shave with the Viking version of shaving apparatus which is my 1938 Merkur 38c double edged razor that cuts closer than any razor that I have ever used. My style of shaving and the unforgiving razor that I use really put this product to the test. I have used this product every day for two weeks in a row without any mishaps whatsoever. By mishaps I mean cuts, abrasions ,redness, bumps, sensitivity etc. This product is not only a joy to use but it is just as much an elixir and a beard conditioner as it is a shaving aid.

It works great and keeps every promise that it makes. It’s also a great value. I have already gotten at least 20 shaves out of this can and the surface level of the product has hardly dropped.

If you are looking for a product that doesn’t smell like a candle shop and won’t cut your face or gouge your wallet this is it.


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