bliss eau de toilette

bliss eau de toilette     $18.00      Available @

An in-‘spa’-rational scent Bliss began with a simple mission: to deliver the best possible feeling in the world. This signature ‘scent’-iment—which literally permeates our spas—inspired our eponymous eau de toilette. A fresh, mood-boosting medley of vibrant bergamot, dewy cucumber, and bright florals like lily, ylang ylang and violet, this unique blend is light enough to be your signature spritz—but exceptional enough to wear on special occasions. In simple speak, it’s our spa in a bottle.

Makeup Addict received bliss eau de toilette as a present.  To be honest I had never even gotten a whiff of it before.  However, once I received it – I tried it almost immediately.  I found it to be a very clean scent which I adore.  However, there is a strong tinge of cucumber which just might be a bit much for some people.  Personally, I thought it was just right and was asked what I was wearing by 2 people.  Both said they really enjoyed the fragrance.  It is a lasting fragrance, yet I did not find it to be too strong.  In other words bliss eau de toilette does not announce your arrival before you get there.  If you find it to be a little strong – my suggestion would be to use a smaller dose. I use it for day or evening and I cannot get over the price — I definitely would have guessed much more expensive.  So, this is a definite keeper!!



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