Honeycat ~ “I’m in Heat” Warming Cinnamon Lip Balm


I’m In Heat Whisker Slickers

Girls, this lip balm is outrageous! Cinnamon, ginger flavored with an extra bit of spice. Free of animal products, and petroleum. Vitamin E enriched. Get ready for the tingle! You’ll have the hottest pucker in town!

$6.00 @Honeycatcosmetics

METSV says:   One of the first lipbalms I’ve owned that may actually help me stick to my diet!  Ha!  I put this on my lips and I swear it takes my mind off of reaching for my weapon of choice – salt.  (i.e. chips, nachos, etc)  Open up this adorably packaged balm and it’s instant cinnamon – not fake, phoney, or chemically – just out and out pure cinnamon….smells like those yummy redhots that I used to eat by the dozens.   It does warm the lips a bit  – but not overly so – but man, does it moisturize and not in a waxy, cakey, clumpy way.  My lips just feel super soft and hydrated, and unlike other lipbalms, I don’t feel like I have to keep applying.  I think regular lipbalms make your lips dryer!   Not so with this one.  My lips stay moisturized too.  Just a soft hint of shine and super soft lips – perfectly natural…wait, no….purrrfectly natural.   Sorry, had to!   Honeycat is such a fun and flirty line – love their products.


Makeup Addict is in complete agreement with Maria.  Honeycat’s “I’m in Heat” Warming Cinnamon Lip Balm is one great Lip Balm.  I can use this alone – for the softness and shine which really do last.  I am surprised as I am one of those people who constantly licks my lips and wear off everything.  However, this does have staying power!  In addition to being a great balm on its own — it can go under a lipstick to treat my lips or over a lipstick to give more shine to the color I am wearing. That enables me to use matte lipsticks as matte – and then, if I apply  Honeycat’s “I’m in Heat” Warming Cinnamon Lip Balm over them – a shiny look.  It doubles the appearance of some of my lipsticks.  The Cinnamon Fragrance is real – not that very fake scent you get with many balms, etc.  As Maria mentioned — if used directly on the lips (rather than on top of a color) it gives you this warm and fuzzy feeling.  For the price – you get your money’s worth.  Your lips will thank you!!!


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