Butter London ~ Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm

Butter London Stiletto Stick $30.00 by Butter London at 6pm.com


  • Sure, your feet might look sensational with those stilettos on, but how do they look when they’re off? Keep your tootsies touchably soft and smooth with the Butter London™ Stiletto Stick!
  • This hydrating heel balm softens and smooths dry, cracked heels.
  • Offers instant relief that keeps heels soft with continued use


Miss Style Apothecary says… WOW, this is AMAZING, it couldn’t have dropped into my life at a better time.. I don’t like getting professional pedicures I am weird like that, don’t like others touching the tootsies.. So anything that is going to make my own foot care easier and healthier – BOOM, I am on it.. This stick is just that, kind of looks like a solid deodorant stick, it’s hard and will last so don’t freak out at the price of $30.00.. So I apply to my clean dry tootsies and give a moment then put on my socks or shoes and go.. It does have a scent, it’s like and floral… it easily rolls over my skin and doesn’t really need to be rubbed in but I do.. The finish is a nice light soft and almost powdery feeling.. I do use a pumice stone on my heels to and this in conjunction with that is leaving behind a very healthy heel and foot.. I use everyday and it feels great.. There is no oiliness or sliding around in my shoes so I can apply and go.. I know this will last a long, long time because the stick is hard and only distributes what is needed.. Also for a really nice moisture session, apply then put on socks overnight, the morning, super smooth and soft tootsies! Love it!



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