Honeycat Cosmetics’~ On The Prowl Peach Body Shower Gel


Honeycat Cosmetics ~ On The Prowl Peach Body Shower Gel   $16.00   Available @ Honeycat Cosmetics


Before you go out on the prowl, lather up with this delicious peach, brandy, and brown sugar shower gel. Loaded with mango butter, shea butter, vitamin E, and all sorts of skin goodies!…Come on girls, get your prowl on!

Makeup Addict absolutely loves Honeycat Cosmetics’ On The Prowl Peach Body Shower Gel. I have to admit that  am on the lookout for Shower Gels everywhere and I am thrilled that I got my ‘claws’ on this.  Honeycat Cosmetics’ On The Prowl Peach Body Shower Gel feels so good as I apply it — my skin feels so soft and this actually feels like liquid silk going on.  It does NOT suds up a lot — which is perfect.  If it did it would take too long to go down the shower drain.  What a fresh fragrance –of ccourse the Peach is the top scent, but I got a whiff of the brandy and brown sugar.  I am totally encased in this heavenly concotion as I clean up.  My skin hates to see it wash away but it does leave some fragrance for a while.  More importantly, it leaves pure, moist skin – sort of like ‘Peaches and Cream’!   My skin feels like I already applied the moisturizer – but I still do apply it as it has been very dry around here lately.  I actually found my feet to be less rough – they were not catching on the towel!!  Wow, that is some accomplishment – especially since this is not specifically for the feet!!  So, if it helps my feet – you can just imagine what it does for the rest of my skin — luxurious, soft, silky!!  Also, I want to mention that I did not need a lot of Honeycat Cosmetics’ On The Prowl Peach Body Shower Gel to accomplish this body treat — I can see that it has enough for many more!!  PURRRRRR!!!



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