Agent Provocateur ~ Signature Eau Provocateur Eau De Toilette

Signature Eau Provocateur $70 avail @ Agent Provocateur
A daytime sparkle for fans of the Signature Eau de Parfum this is a scent that will also resonate with a new Agent Provocateur customer. This vibrant accord of citrus notes teamed with red fruit is truly exquisite. At its heart lies an array of fresh new florals such as Muguet and Orange Flower to provide lift and diversity. Gentle base notes of Myrrh, Vanilla and Tonka Bean add softness and sensuality.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. Agent Provocateur!! I will wear you any day of the week, since arriving at my doorstep I have spritzed myself daily.. This scent is hypnotic, I love it.. It lifts my mood and when it dries down the scent is SO lovely and feminine, it’s all the Agent Provocateur envelops and more.. I would love to have the body creme! I can only image the silky finish… If you are looking for something sexy and sultry this could just be it.. It create an air that is pretty, strong and you him out!! I love the scent, it’s floral and fruity but has a powdery dry down that lingers on my skin ALL day and into the night, when going out for the evening one more spritz gets me though.. I find that it’s a very personal scent, not the kind I want everyone smelling just those that I want to bring in close, if you know what I mean.. It’s sophisticated and playful and I can’t think that everyone out there wouldn’t like it.. The packaging is very understated and minimalist, kind of like you can never guess what is in this bottle.. It’s truly intoxicating and a WINNER in my book.. I would say this is a PERFECT Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Birthday gift for that special lady in your life, I can’t get enough! I have my eye on their Bubble Luscious!!


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