Dr T’s Supergoop! ~ SPF30 UVA / UVA Sunstick

Supergoop SPF 30 UVA/UVB Sunstick $14.50 at Barneys New York

Supergoop! new for 2011 formulation steps up the total sun protection in a take-along, easy-to-apply stick that glides on easily and protects small spots from aging and burning UVA and UVB rays.

Miss Style Apothecary says, Here is my new best friend.. I am carrying this in my bag from now on.. This little puppy is saving my hands! It is the PERFECT companion for my paws.. I don’t my hands to get wrinkly or sun damaged but I find driving does a number on them, the sun beams in since I don’t have a celebrity tint on my windows! I need protection.. This is so easy to use and I can apply while driving without causing an accident or swerving.. It’s sunscreen perfection.. It glides on, requires minimal rubbing in, adds moisture and feels ultra soft and smooth!! What more do I need? NOTHING! I don’t advise leaving in the car, I think it would heat up on those warm days and possibly melt do I will revert to leaving in my bag… It’s tiny so even when carrying a small bag its totally portable.. The spf 30 is high enough coverage that I am protected and man o man my hands are thankful.. I also swipe on the nose if I am hitting the beach for a walk, like today, it’s gorgeous out there so I want extra coverage… I can be on the the go go go since I can reapply on the fly.. Sunscreen perfection!!


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