Circ-Cell Skincare ~ Dew PH Perfector

Dew is a skin-refining pH perfector and finishing serum that balances the skin’s mantle while providing rich, dewy hydration. Whether used as pH primer or final step, Dew delivers on its name. Lactic acid helps balance the skin’s pH, while ten amino acids provide hydration. Camphor attacks bio-elements that cause breakouts and witchhazel helps pores contract and close. Canadian willow herb keeps skin calm and even. Dew can also be used to improve the appearance of crepey, sagging skin on the arms and body.

avail @ Circ Cell & Dermstore for $55.00

Miss Style Apothecary says… WOW, Dew is unlike any other toner I have used.. It’s simple AMAZING and worth every penny.. I am the first to admit that I can live without toner.. I mean when I use my skin does look, feel and perform better but its never been to the level that I have experienced using DEW!! Dew is like other toners, you apply in the am and pm after cleansing.. I sweep over my skin with a cotton ball and I do see the extra oil and dirt slough away.. It’s very gratifying for me to see the debris & sebum that gets left behind during cleansing to exit stage left! Well, Dew has an added benefit that has completely changed my thoughts.. I have been adding about 3/4 of a pump to my foundation, now if you have used a toner you know it’s liquid, I mean like water so it can run all over.. I pump out and add my luminizor and foundation.. it makes the mix looser and more runny.. The application is more like using a tinted moisturizer that I find refreshing for my skin and the finish is AMAZING.. It really changes and the wear too.. I get longer move even wear out of my foundation.. My skin looks beaming healthy and now I am only using Dew as a toner in the evening.. OMG, the difference.. I can attest to the difference and that it really does improve my foundation since I gave my use a month, so I am not stopping! The container is large and this doesn’t take any extra time and makes my foundation go on a little sheerer meaning no need to switch to a tinted moisturizer but I get all the benefits of great luminous skin and foundation that out performs it in it’s original state.. Circ-Cell doesn’t have a giant line so I know that each and every product has been painstakingly tested and analyzed, they put out on the best and my review attests to this.. I love it..

I also want to mention my finding on using a just a toner too, I feel like that got sidetracked.. As mentioned, I apply with a cotton ball.. I can get away with about a pump and 1/2 for my entire face and neck.. I swipe gently over my face and find that Dew picks up the most residue around me nostrils and forehead, probably because I am the oiliest there.. Since you my skin that seems oily now doesn’t get the afternoon skin and my face just as a more even tone.. Also since use the tad of red bumps, I mean the teeny tiny ones that only I see that I used to get on the lower potion of my cheeks seems to be GONE and I don’t attribute to the break in the weather.. Dew has completely smoothed them out, my face feels baby soft, remember there is Lactic acid in Dew but it’s so gentle that you won’t notice the smoothness right away but then BOOM, you will feel the velvet soft finish and be hooked! I love this product and will be a fan forever! Great line and super introduction! I love it!


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