Avene ~ Gentle Body Scrub

Avene Gentle Body Scrub $20.00 by Avene at drugstore.com

For sensitive skin

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non Comedogenic


    Just in time for warmer weather and the appearance of my legs and arms after a long winter’s hibernation comes this gentle scrub from Avene. Created for us more sensitive skinned gals, this gently exfoliates my body and leaves a soft, renewed look to my skin. I pour a little on my loofah in the shower and go to works on my legs and arms and whatever other parts need exfoliating! I never worry that my skin is going to feel raw or sensitive – the scrub is that gentle. I am almost tempted to try it on my face – that’s how gentle it is. The scent is clean and soft, not flowery or perfumey at all. It is good to know that there are scrubs out there that don’t want to rip my skin off and make it more irritated! This will work great pre-self tanning too. I know I’ll have a smooth slate to start with so that when I apply my self tanner I won’t be all blotchy. I have had so many Avene products and this is just another good one to add to my arsenal. I will most definitely use the entire tube



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