Savane ~ Certified Organic Gentle Exfoliant

Savane Certified Organic Gentle Exfoliant avail @ Zaega for $50.00 or for more infomation please check out Savane also

Featured on’s Summer 2011 Beauty Guide! For a luxurious soft finish.  Savane Gentle Exfoliant includes Rooibos flakes and sugar to gently polish your skin and stimulate cell rejuvenation, while Marula and Jojoba oils revitalize and soften the skin. Frankincense essential oil contributes to the luxurious experience. We recommend using the Savane oil-based exfoliant twice weekly. Size: 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

Miss Style Apothecary says.. When I first opened this tin, I looked in and saw the deep brown color and thought, UGH, until I look a wiff.. It smells like a dream, citrusy, fresh and clean.. The was the moment that I decided to not judge a book by it’s cover.. Its a thick gooey consistency.. It doesn’t drip so its easy to work with.. As instructed I am using 2x a week.. it’s all I need.. The container is sleek, cool and easy to use and dispense.. I wet my face and use a small amount, I mean I dip my finger in and pull out a small dollop, I would say the size of a small gumball, its all I need.. I smooth over my face and the light scrubbing begins.. I can immediately smell the fresh clean scent.. The base is thick and like a gel.. It encapsulates gentle particles that aren’t sharp but if you get going you can really get some decent exfoliating going on.. I think its extreme gentle, my skin looks bright and like the blood is flowing when I am done, I have the flush look.. My skin loves it too, it’s soft and not dry, it feels ultra smooth and extremely clean.. I have been using for weeks and still have a hefty amount left.. So as I mentioned a little goes a long way making the price extremely reasonable.. I am really hoping Savane can bottle the scent, I would love it wear as perfume, it reminds me of spring! Love!!


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