Review – 3Lab Skincare ~ WW Cream

3lab WW Cream $425.00 by 3lab at Barneys New York

Exclusive Promatryx and Hydranox complexes to reduce facial wrinkles, accelerate rhythmic skin cell turnover and brighten skin tone for a youthful complexion. WW Cream leaves skin deeply hydrated, even-toned and luminous. 2 oz.

Miss Style Apothecary says… First off, WOW, I mean WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This cream is everything my skin needs… I have been using for over a month, yup, this 2oz creams lasts over a month and I still have about 1/2 to go so the investment lasts! I have been using at night only. I feel that I get the deepest and most beneficial penetration of ingredients in the evening.. I am resting and come in contact with only my pillow, none of the environmental effect that I deal with during the day so it works for me.. I really and truly apply a small amount then add a more emollient moisturizer over to protect and ensure if I rub my face on my pillow that the 3Lab will be protected..

I am so pleased with the results, my skin looks and feels better.. It’s super baby soft and I feel like I am seeing a tremendous improvement in the tone and elasticty especially around the jawline.. My skin is very clear too, whick is great because it’s spring and the weather is getting nicer so I want to be out more and I want the fresh spring clear skin, I am done with the sallow dull winter skin.. This has been a wonderful transition item for me.. It came at the right time and the results are proven to me every morning.. It’s got very little scent and I love that aspect too.. I am not a perfume skincare girl so kudos to 3Lab for this seriously amazing blend! I love it and will use to the last molecule is gone, if you are in need of a boost and your skin is suffering this is a perfect accoutrement to your regimen and you WILL see results in the first 10 days of use.. AMAZING!!




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