Dr T’s Supergoop! ~ Sunscreen Swipes SPF 30

Dr. T’s Supergoop! Sunscreen Swipes SPF 30+ (21-count) $34.00 by Dr. μ at Nordstrom

Individually wrapped pre-moistened towelettes are formulated to calm and soothe while providing complete UV protection to sensitive skin.Key ingredients: green tea protects from lipid peroxide—the free radical triggered by sunlight—and tobacco smoke and smog; also reduces irritation and redness. Vitamin E softens skin and further protects from ozone and pollution damage.Additional benefits: Great for post-eye makeup application touchups to remove stray shadow/mascara particles and to add a calming layer of UV protection. Helps to remove sweat and sand while reinforcing the primary layer of UV protection. Ideal for travel and on-the-go use.How to use: Gently open pouch, unfold swipe and sweep over face and body. For continuous, water-resistant protection, reapply every 40 minutes after swimming or exercise.

Miss Style Apothecary says… Here is a product no one should leave home without!! Why?? Cuz, it’s really time that we all make valiant efforts to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.. I know for me, I am very pale so that equation means, sun = sunburn.. I don’t want one and I don’t want the aging effects either.. I slather myself every morning with sunscreen, it’s a habit like applying moisturizer.. It works for me but there are times when I want or need a touch up and these swipes are PERFECT.. The are the most portable easy to bring with items.. They are all individually packages so popping a couple in my handbag, car’s console and gym bag work for me.. I whip em out when the need arises and they never fail to disappoint.. I live about 5 miles from the beach soooooo talk about handy dandy.. I pull one out before a walk and am good to go, sunscreen is refreshed…. What I am really drawn to is the size, they are bigger than your standard paper napkin (you know the square ones) these swipes are rectangled and really soft so I don’t mind swiping on my face.. They also have a lovely almond like scent so they protect me on top of make me hungry for Marzipan! HA! The swipes aren’t oozing with sunscreen either so no mess. I would say they need a good 2-3 minutes for the absorb, once absorbed my skin is soft and smooth with no trace of any sunscreen, no icky white coating or film like feeling on my skin.. I highly recommend, I can’t get enough!!


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