Therapy Systems ~ Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil available from Therapy Systems for $38.00
Remove all makeup, including long-wear and water-resistant formulas, and cleanse your skin in one simple step. This dual-action oil cleanses without stripping natural moisture, leaving your skin soft and revitalized.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. WOW! I have fallen in love with this cleanser.. I used to be to the mindset that oils weren’t for cleansing my face and if I did use them, well, I would end up looking like an oil slick.. It’s truly not the case at all, in fact they really provide added moisture, deep cleansing and super soft skin.. So, back to my thoughts, when you see this in person, it’s HUGE! It’s going to last forever to the price is completely justified.. I end up using about 1 1/2 pumps to wash my entire face.. I apply to my dry face and immediately everything melts away, it’s a miracle, I mean everything.. I am talking 3 coats of mascara, lip stain, you name it… As it melts away my eye area looks like I am in a horror movie, the black is trailing down my face but… I don’t rinse till I feel all of the mascara is gone.. I then, splash with luke warm water and rub around… It all dissolves away.. My words of caution is to completely or should I say over rinse the eye area, maybe even use a soft cloth to ensure every molecule is removed, i have made the mistake of not rinsing well enough and my eyes end up watering… I didn’t realize this for a few weeks.. It didn’t happen everyday but I pinpointed and corrected and it’s been easy breezy since! Now, one of the best parts is the scent, it’s a scrumptious citrus scent so it immediately invigorates my face and freshens up my face.. I have opted to only use this in the evening.. I don’t really wash my face in the AM, I rinse in the shower but that is all I need..

So when I am done washing, I pat dry and my face feels hydrated, it’s baby soft and smooth and all makeup, grime and dirt are GONE… I swear it feels like I have applied a light moisturizer too, my face feels plump, NEVER dry and it’s been great, the air is SO dry where I live this just feels like a nice protective layer added into my regimen.. I really think Therapy Systems is well worth looking into! I love the 2 in 1… cleanser and makeup remover, genius!!


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