Review – Lifeline Skincare ~ Recovery Night Moisture Serum

Recovery Night Moisture Serum $190.00 at DERMSTORE


Lifeline Recovery Night Moisture Serum (1 oz) uses a patented non-embryonic stem cell extract that nurtures collagen and elastin while you sleep. This serum provides a number of important vitamins and minerals that help defend against damaging free radicals.

Wake up to firmer, smoother and healthier skin.

METSV says:  If I were not putting a child through college right now I would buy this buy the vat.    If you are a beauty and skincare junkie like the rest of us here at S.A., then you have HAD to have read or heard about this innovative and one of a kind skincare line.   It even made FOX news.   Using stem-cell technology, the two simple products that comprise the line are truly effective at keeping skin healthy and firm looking and also help reduce the appearance of aging skin.  I haven’t tried the day serum (though I want to), but I have been faithful to the night serum and I have not one complaint.  This absorbs instantly into my skin and it’s just enough so that I don’t need to put anything else on over it.  I just throw some lipbalm on and hop into bed and let the serum do its nighttime magic!  I do wake up to skin that doesn’t look so tired and drawn.  My skin looks plump and healthy, and I do feel like my wrinkles are harder to detect (oh, they’re still there…but they just don’t seem as noticable, especially around my forehead 11’s.)    Due to the price, I try to go very sparingly with the bottle though I do find that three pumps does the trick for me. …  I will not be a happy girl when I get to the bottom of this bottle.    It’s a bit out of my price range, but I’m already justifying the VALENTINE’s SPECIAL they have going on right now – it’s buy one get the other for half price… I’m actually contemplating it!  The research and science is behind this line…not to mention all the glowing reviews.   This has been great in keeping my usually nasty winter skin… perky and healthy looking.


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