Keratin Complex ~ Volumizing Dry Shampoo


Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo   $35.00 $20.00 Available @

Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo provides a gentle dry cleansing that absorbs excess oil without diminishing the precious nutrients of healthy hair.  Formulated with Keratin Protein for lasting protection. Whether used as a midday pick-me-up or as a nondrying alternative to regular shampoos, Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder removes dirt and oil to leave hair touchably soft and healthy-looking. Perfect for use during the 72-hour period after the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy treatments.

Makeup Addict says that I have not had great experience with ‘dry shampoo’s.  However, this Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo shot right to the top after using it.  My hair did not look or feel powdery.  I have come out looking like Grandma Moses with other Dry Shampoos.  So that is an important first for me.  Next, my hair did look and feel clean — not oily or greasy.  It actually felt like after I shampoo and dry and style.  Yet, I did none of those.  It feels thicker than usual and there is definitely added texture.  It holds the style very nicely.  Let me say that I really like Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo so much that I might actually use it to style my hair – even when it is clean — if I am in a rush to get done.  The brush just makes it so simple to use — it is definitely easier than most other dry shampoos I have used.  I am thrilled with the results.  However, I wish I had seen the container shown above — it includes a free refill which I did not get.  You cannot go wrong for the price either.  I am going to order myself a couple before the sale is over!!


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