Glytone Redness Relief rosacure® cream gel


Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel      $55.00    Available @ Essentialdermcare (currently offering FREE $30 Gift Set on any $60 order with coupon AG60)

Glytone redness relief rosacure® cream gel calms the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of redness, leaving skin fresh and healthy looking. This effective formula contains a combination of powerful ingredients which help to soothe the skin and reduce redness to leave it looking healthier. Added Glycerin provides the skin with long lasting hydration to leave it feeling more comfortable. Glytone Rosacure Cream Gel has been specifically formulated for use on rosacea-prone skin.

Makeup Addict knows why I was selected for Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel and I appreceiate it.  I have used prescription anti-biotics and prescription creams- both with very limited success.  However, a non prescription cream gel seems to have gotten it right — yes – Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel!!  It works incredibly well.  Believe me, I was a skeptic.  When prescription strength medications and creams have not done the job I NEVER thought an over the counter cosmetic cream gel would.  First of all – a cream gel – huh???  Well, it really is – it comes in a tube and there is white cream with a little bit of clear gel that appear when you dispense it.  I apply it morning and evening as instructed.  It is absorbed very quickly.  I had to wait for results — I stopped really checking for them – because I did not expect any.  However, all of a sudden it just clicked — my skin looks less ruddy in those problem areas.  This improvement continued along with use of Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel.  I cannot lie — it worked much better than the prescriptions I had used off and on.  I am not only shocked by that – but thrilled beyond belief.  I had actually given up on relief since prescriptions seemed to just go ‘so far’ and no further. Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel finishes the job.  My complexion is flawless as far as the redness and that is nothing short of a miracle.  I cannot even guess what I have spent to correct the redness and here comes Glytone Redness Relief Rosacure®Cream Gel which truly provides the relief I have been hoping for.  Thank you so much, Glytone!!!


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